Teens: So You Want To Be a Star?

Ok, we can’t guarantee this will make you one, but you will get an acting credit for your resume!

The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation is producing a series of free online teacher training modules (www.jewishpartisans.org/elearning ).

We need help from teens for a classroom scene of students learning about Jews who fought back during the Holocaust, using the Academy Award nominated film, ‘Defiance’, staring Daniel Craig.

Filming Thursday, Oct. 7 @ 4p-7:30pm

Mercy High School                                                                                                        3250 – 19th Avenue, San Francisco

What’s in it for the teens?

• $25.00 iTunes card                                                                                                              • ‘Defiance’ DVD                                                                                                                       • Pizza Limited to first 20 Students – Age 16-25* (but you must look 15 – 18)

RSVP BY OCTOBER 7th at 12pm to: leanne@jewishpartisans.org, 415.517.7710

More info at http://www.jewishpartisans.org                                                                   *For anyone under 18, we will have to get the OK from your parents too.


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