Hey Teens: Check Out The Upcoming FREE Art Buffs Workshop- “You Wrote THAT On Your Wall?”

When? Sunday, November 21st, 3:00-5:00pm

Where? @CJM

Do you use Facebook or YouTube? Ever checked out a blog or looked something up on Wikipedia? Not only do these hook you up with new pals, shopping advice, or info for essays, you can use these social media tools to impact your world. Exchange ideas, strategies, and skills with marketing professionals from the Bay Area arts scene. Learn how to drive social media, while also schooling the professionals about what appeals to you.

For more information about this awesome event, click here!

Teen Programs at the CJM are generously supported by the Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation’s Endowment Fund; Wells Fargo Foundation; The David B. Gold Foundation; Citi; The David B. Gold Foundation; Macy’s Foundation; Morris Stulsaft Foundation; and the Union Bank Foundation.

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