Ongoing Programs at JCCSF!

Legendary Dances and Evening Events – Selling fast!

Don’t be left behind! You know these events are going to sell out! Don’t be the only sixth grader at your school to miss out on our monthly Friday Night Fly, our monthly blow-out party in Club 18. And for seventh and eighth graders, it’s your turn to join the bigger scene at our Middle School Dance! Check out why Club 18 has long been known for the best middle-school dances with the hottest Bay Area DJs. Finally, don’t forget that all middle schoolers are welcome to take over the JCCSF at our Shabbat Teen Takeover. That means sports tournaments in the gym, music and dancing in Club 18, swimming in the pool, cooking our own all-you-can-eat dinner, and a new creative surprise activity each time.

What are you doing after school?

Chill Hours is already going on every day after school! At Chill Hours, we provide a range of activities for teens to choose from, like resume-building community service opportunities, athletic programs with our personal teen trainer in the fitness center, creative projects, and more. At Club 18, we create a fun, safe space for them to be themselves, hang with friends, and discover passions. We have quiet time for homework and a phenomenal collective of tutors available at very reasonable prices (just ask us!). You can find registration forms here.


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