JTA Advisors

JTA is very fortunate to have many advisors guiding and contributing to our work.  Here is a list of our advisors:

  • Barbara Wilson
  • Birtu Belete
  • Dave and Roanne Kaplow
  • Diane Bernbaum
  • Ellen Brown
  • Ellen Peskin
  • Estee Solomon Gray
  • Irwin Keller
  • Jay and Laurie Peretz
  • Jonathan Furst
  • Karen Erlichman
  • Mara Kassoff
  • Marcy Pluznik-Marrin
  • Michael Stein
  • Patty Bernstein
  • Paul and Sheri Robbins
  • Paula Linder Meier
  • Qayima and Will Rogers
  • Rabbi George Gittleman
  • Rabbi George Schlesinger
  • Rabbi Ted Feldman
  • Rick Burg
  • Rose Barlow
  • Sue Schwartzman
  • Susan Jebrock
  • Susan Kitchell
  • Tali Azenkot
  • Terri Forman
  • Toby Rubin

We Seek: passionate, creative, and strategic thinkers who care about teens for the JTA Advisory Committee.

We Want: residents in the Peninsula, San Francisco and Sonoma County to guide and support teen initiatives in all of these regions.

We Welcome: all contributions – ideas, time, and financial support. We need you!

Contact Julie Emden, BJE’s Jewish Teen Alliance Director at 415.751.6983 x125


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