We believe that the extent to which we invest in our teens is deeply reflected by the extent to which we invest in our educators.  And so, as originally envisioned by its founders, JTA facilitates and coordinates the BJE’s Teen Educator Network.

This community meets five (+) times yearly and keeps educators connected to each other to share best practices and current trends in teen education in the SF Bay Area and at large.  In addition, a weekly e-newsletter goes out to all Network members with job openings, opportunities for teens and other resources for professional development.  Jewish educators from synagogues, JCCs, private institutions, day schools and religious schools attend this excellent program that has been offered for years free-of-charge.

Save the Dates!  Network Meetings and Learning Sessions for 2012-2013

Put them on your calendar!

Teen Network Meetings:  Tuesdays at BJE:  9 am- 12:30 pm

Sept 11, 2012

Nov 6, 2012

Jan 15, 2013

March  2013 Joint session with Educators Council at CJM (date and program TBD)

May 7, 2013

June 4, 2013 Visioning meeting for 2013-14

New! Teen Educator Network Torah Learning Sessions:   Thursdays, 11am -12:30 pm, location TBD

Oct 4, 2012:  Preparing Text Study for Teens with Rabbi Joshua Fenton, Associate Director of Community Engagement, Bureau of Jewish Education

Feb 7, 2013:  Torah Yoga w/Julie Emden, Director of Jewish Wellness Initiative, Bureau of Jewish Education

April 11, 2013: Talmud with Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan, Senior Educator Lehrhaus Judaica

Questions?  Contact Julie Emden:, 415-751-6983, ext.125

SIGN UP for the weekly Network News, our weekly e-newsletter geared specifically to teen educators.

CONTACT JTA Director Julie Emden for more information.


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